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Welcome to K2MediaWorks
K2MediaWorks, LLC is a full-service media company providing creative, stimulating, and high quality media services.

While our media services span many different areas, and continue to grow as new project ideas surface, our goal is always the same, which is to provide our customers with a high level of service, technical knowledge, and the most creative experience.

K2MediaWorks Products and Services
K2MediaWorks offers you creative products based on your collection of photos, videos, slides, keepsakes, and collectables.

The products and services offered by K2MediaWorks are centered around the goal of making your photos, videos, and collectables, preserved on DVD or other digital formats.

If you are thinking of giving a product as a gift, you will be delighted with its high quality and charm.

  Order your Kehl 2019 Kehl Recital DVD or BluRay.
Ordering your dancer's DVD is made easy with K2MediaWorks' online ordering. Choose the Standard or Blu-Ray DVDs of your choice, add payment and shipping address, and your DVD will be shipped when production is complete which is mid-late June. Click HERE to order your DVD or BluRay video.

Celebrate a Special Occasion!
Celebrate your GRADUATE, ENGAGEMENT, ANNIVERSARY, WEDDING or any other special occasion with a entertaining and heart-warming photo montage!

608-695-8988 or email darlene.kohn@k2mediaworks.com
for our special 2015 Pricing Package! 

K2 MediaWorks Packages
Tier 1 - $99 Up to
4 Tapes, or any combination of
80 Slides and Photos
Tier 2 - $199 Up to
9 Tapes, or any combination of
180 Slides and Photos
Tier 3 - $299 15 Tapes, or any combination of
300 Slides and Photos
Tier 4 - $399 22 Tapes, or any combination of
450 Slides and Photos


A K2MediaWorks product as a gift will always be a one of a kind treasure, and never found in a store!

The following is a short synopsis of our services.  Every client is different which allows us to be creative and modify our many services to meet each client’s project needs.

Photo Story
A Photo Story is the way to relive yesterday without digging through shoe boxes, or paging through old photo albums. Titles, artistic motion backgrounds, custom pan and zoom, are all standard features of a K2MediaWorks DVD Video Photo Story.
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Transfer TO DVD Home Video tapes & Vintage 8mm Films
Convert your home videos; VHS (all formats),  8MM (all formats), Mini-DV, and 8mm Film Reels to DVD before age, or mother nature ruins them forever.
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Event & Personal Videography Services
K2MediaWorks is ready for all of your videography projects.  We use Canon professional HD video cameras and the latest technologies to digitally record and edit your event.  Our videography projects have included dance recitals, sports events, personal biographies, and infomericals. 
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Slides & Photo Archive to Digital Files
Converting old photos to digital files is a great way to share a family's heritage with all generations.  As with tape media, photos and slides will lose quality as time passes.  Preserve your heritage by converting your pictures and slides to digital files for lifetime viewing.
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