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about us

The K2 Difference...

We are the K2 difference!  In this busy world, you take the time to create the memories and let K2 preserve them for you! Our business was created in 2004 to provide you, our customers with the priceless gift of memories preserved and enjoyed in digital formats such as DVD,  and then be able to enjoy and reminisce the special moments in your life.

We are here for You....try us out with just one project and we know you will find the value of our creative services! To us, each project is one which we are deeply committed, almost like becoming one of your family.  We are not in the business to use one template for each project.  Our creativity comes from talking with you about your project, looking at your photos, and creating an artistic picture in our minds of how to tell your story. 

We are the K2 Difference!